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Friday, August 27, 2010

MLG Starcraft 2

Major League Gaming is starting their weekend stream of the MLG-Raleigh Tournament, featuring Halo, World of Warcraft, Tekken 3, and most importantly, Starcraft 2. Come watch pro players like NonY on Protoss, and Qxc on Terran compete for a $7000 prize pool.

You can watch the stream free here or if you would like to upgrade to a HD stream, you can do that for $10. If you have time this weekend, you should definitely check this out, as notable Starcraft 2 personalities, such as Day[9], Husky, and HDStarcraft will all be casting the matches.

the tournament is Best of 3, Double Elimination, allowing for players to prove themselves on a National Stage across America. Join me and other Starcraft 2 fans in the stream today!

Starcraft 2: Collectors Edition vs Standard Edition

If you have not yet purchased Starcraft 2, or have been waiting, there are multiple venues to Purchase through. I will provide some links through Amazon at the end of this post.

Basically, there are two different versions. a "Collector's edition" and a "normal edition" The CE is extra, however, it comes with the original Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War on a flash drive, as well as a comic book, a book of concept art, as well as dvds which go behind the scenes, and detail certain parts of Starcraft 2 in the making. The CE also includes certain in-game perks which are otherwise unavailable, such as the Night Elf Banshee, Tauren Marine, as well as a few other exclusive portraits. It also includes an achievement which is otherwise unlockable.

If you do not want to splurge for the collectors edition, the the regular edition includes all necessary aspects to play the game. You just don't get those few covetous perks I mentioned earlier. Either way, you get a phenomenal and truly rewarding gaming experience out of Starcraft 2. Many people see it as just a game, but it is also a tool to help you refine your multitasking, and strategic analysis, which is an integral part in just about every career you will be pursuing. It helps to instill certain ideals such as "If you are high on monetary reserves, you are in trouble." Basically, this means, in a business context, if you have a lot of money that you have not invested into lucrative operations, then it is basically useless in comparison with other companies in your niche or field. That being said, money spent on non-lucrative, or wasteful spending, ends up hurting you in the long run as well.

Knowing and understanding concepts like these are integral in most careers, and playing Starcraft with a higher level of understanding will help you to achieve just that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

PvP 10 gate and more

The main issue surrounding this post today is the Protoss vs Protoss match. very recently, in mid-low diamond league, an abundance of Protoss have reverted to the 10/10 2gate. while this build might seem like it would be effective, due to the early pressure timing, I assure you it is nothing more than a cheesy all-in. "Why is it a cheesy all-in?" you may ask? simple. . . if it is scouted, it is easily countered, so it relies on the element of surprise or stupidity from the opponent to succeed. I would say it is all-in because you have to significantly cut probes to get your 2 gates out, both at 10, but then you don't have the probe income to support anything more than constant zealot production off 2 gates. basically, if your attack fails to cause economic damage to the enemy, whether it be probe mining time, killing probes, pylons, or gateways, you will lose the game to any competent player.

That being said, I am providing a replay of myself and another player in a PvP. I scout his 10/10 gate and easily counter it. I'll let you see what ends up happening.

I tried a random match today, only to roll zerg. I was against another zerg player, and  of all mirror match ups, I believe the ZvZ to be the most uninteresting, non-dynamic game. basically, we started off on one base. . . proceeded to ling/baneling each other to death. If we tried to tech to another unit or Lair, or expand, then we would have end up being overrun by the opponent's all-in. I think the only viable non-ling/bling maps would be scrap station, and other big 4 player maps, as long as the players spawn in cross positions. Any closer, and the two players are too susceptible to ling/bling. What a boring fucking match up. Is that the game you intended to make Blizzard? One that makes players AUDIBLY GROAN (and not in a pleasurable context) in 33%* of their match ups? If so, then great fucking Job. FIX ZERG.

That being said, Zerg isn't even my main, so I guess I really shouldn't fucking care, however, if it deters players from choosing Zerg, then something needs to be done, as I actually enjoy being pitted against Zerg on occasion, especially good ones.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PvZ-Scrap Station

Just finished a PvZ on Scrap Station today. I was Protoss in the 2 'o clock position. He was Zerg in the 12 o' clock position. Everything seemed to be starting off standard. No 6 pools or spine crawler rushes in sight. His drone happily sits in my base, waiting to see what I do. He watches me throw down a Cybernetics Core after gate, then scurries his drone off. My thought is "I bet he goes hatch into mass ling/baneling to try to get an all-in timing attack before I can get teched to robo." my scouting probe confirms this, so I cancel the cybercore, and dropped 2 additional gates to start pumping zealots. I continued to produce, and, as I suspected, his ling/baneling timing came, but I had more than enough units to repel it.


Here is the replay, for those who choose or want to watch it.

%^&* noob tryin to all-in me. hahaha. learn to standard play dumbfuck zerg. If you had expanded, and used your units to push out instead of all-in, you probably would have had a chance that game, seeing as you used your ultralisks effectively.

SC2 Streams to watch for rage

Want to watch people get pissed off at Starcraft 2 Live on stream?

I have provided some sources: Catreina
Catreina is a lesbian, transsexual Starcraft 2 player (male to female, if anyone is wondering) who frequently rages at her opponents on stream for beating her, and consistantly ignored her children for Starcraft. Hilarity insues every time she gets cheesed, or bested in a match.

Orb is a starcraft 2 player who loves to scream Imbalance every time he gets bested. He has been known to consistently trash talk his opponent in chat during the game, while ignoring micro mechanics of fights. He will also interact with his audience, only to call them noob trash, and tell them to GTFO.

When either of these players are streaming, they are well worth a watch. Both interact with their audience. Both rage pretty hard, both play protoss, and both think they are better than they truly are.

The StarCraft Two - Idra gets 6 pooled in HD

The Commentators suck pretty bad, but in this video, we get a good look at one of the most well known SC2 nerd ragers, Idra. Check out the video, for some lulz.


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I'm 12 and what is this?

Okay, I'm not 12, but what is this?

Simple, its a place for me to rant about noobs on Starcraft 2. If you cheese, this blog is about you. Specifically, when it beats me, or I eat it. Prepare for trash talk and berating on your trash play.

Much more L2Play Noob hilarity to come.

In the mean time, for Starcraft 2 goodness, check out Team Liquid and F*** my starcraft. For Strategy and nerd rage, respectively.