Thursday, August 26, 2010

PvP 10 gate and more

The main issue surrounding this post today is the Protoss vs Protoss match. very recently, in mid-low diamond league, an abundance of Protoss have reverted to the 10/10 2gate. while this build might seem like it would be effective, due to the early pressure timing, I assure you it is nothing more than a cheesy all-in. "Why is it a cheesy all-in?" you may ask? simple. . . if it is scouted, it is easily countered, so it relies on the element of surprise or stupidity from the opponent to succeed. I would say it is all-in because you have to significantly cut probes to get your 2 gates out, both at 10, but then you don't have the probe income to support anything more than constant zealot production off 2 gates. basically, if your attack fails to cause economic damage to the enemy, whether it be probe mining time, killing probes, pylons, or gateways, you will lose the game to any competent player.

That being said, I am providing a replay of myself and another player in a PvP. I scout his 10/10 gate and easily counter it. I'll let you see what ends up happening.

I tried a random match today, only to roll zerg. I was against another zerg player, and  of all mirror match ups, I believe the ZvZ to be the most uninteresting, non-dynamic game. basically, we started off on one base. . . proceeded to ling/baneling each other to death. If we tried to tech to another unit or Lair, or expand, then we would have end up being overrun by the opponent's all-in. I think the only viable non-ling/bling maps would be scrap station, and other big 4 player maps, as long as the players spawn in cross positions. Any closer, and the two players are too susceptible to ling/bling. What a boring fucking match up. Is that the game you intended to make Blizzard? One that makes players AUDIBLY GROAN (and not in a pleasurable context) in 33%* of their match ups? If so, then great fucking Job. FIX ZERG.

That being said, Zerg isn't even my main, so I guess I really shouldn't fucking care, however, if it deters players from choosing Zerg, then something needs to be done, as I actually enjoy being pitted against Zerg on occasion, especially good ones.

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