Friday, August 27, 2010

MLG Starcraft 2

Major League Gaming is starting their weekend stream of the MLG-Raleigh Tournament, featuring Halo, World of Warcraft, Tekken 3, and most importantly, Starcraft 2. Come watch pro players like NonY on Protoss, and Qxc on Terran compete for a $7000 prize pool.

You can watch the stream free here or if you would like to upgrade to a HD stream, you can do that for $10. If you have time this weekend, you should definitely check this out, as notable Starcraft 2 personalities, such as Day[9], Husky, and HDStarcraft will all be casting the matches.

the tournament is Best of 3, Double Elimination, allowing for players to prove themselves on a National Stage across America. Join me and other Starcraft 2 fans in the stream today!

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Anonymous said...

I never bothered with MLG for some reason. Even though I do enjoy esports.