Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PvZ-Scrap Station

Just finished a PvZ on Scrap Station today. I was Protoss in the 2 'o clock position. He was Zerg in the 12 o' clock position. Everything seemed to be starting off standard. No 6 pools or spine crawler rushes in sight. His drone happily sits in my base, waiting to see what I do. He watches me throw down a Cybernetics Core after gate, then scurries his drone off. My thought is "I bet he goes hatch into mass ling/baneling to try to get an all-in timing attack before I can get teched to robo." my scouting probe confirms this, so I cancel the cybercore, and dropped 2 additional gates to start pumping zealots. I continued to produce, and, as I suspected, his ling/baneling timing came, but I had more than enough units to repel it.


Here is the replay, for those who choose or want to watch it.

%^&* noob tryin to all-in me. hahaha. learn to standard play dumbfuck zerg. If you had expanded, and used your units to push out instead of all-in, you probably would have had a chance that game, seeing as you used your ultralisks effectively.

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Ilovetobeclicked said...

Banelings early on seem wierd, more effective at end game when larger armies are more common. Just from what I know at least >.>