Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SC2 Streams to watch for rage

Want to watch people get pissed off at Starcraft 2 Live on stream?

I have provided some sources: Catreina
Catreina is a lesbian, transsexual Starcraft 2 player (male to female, if anyone is wondering) who frequently rages at her opponents on stream for beating her, and consistantly ignored her children for Starcraft. Hilarity insues every time she gets cheesed, or bested in a match.

Orb is a starcraft 2 player who loves to scream Imbalance every time he gets bested. He has been known to consistently trash talk his opponent in chat during the game, while ignoring micro mechanics of fights. He will also interact with his audience, only to call them noob trash, and tell them to GTFO.

When either of these players are streaming, they are well worth a watch. Both interact with their audience. Both rage pretty hard, both play protoss, and both think they are better than they truly are.

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